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Flower Delivery Maguiresbridge by Flowers by Sylvia. If you need a Maguiresbridge florist then we are a trusted local flower shop that will deliver flowers to Maguiresbridge and other areas in County Fermanagh.

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As a well-established Fermanagh Florist, we are the trusted choice for anyone who needs a Maguiresbridge florist. We are located in Enniskillen but happily delivery flowers to other towns and villages in County Fermanagh. So if you’re struggling to find a Florist Maguiresbridge, then look no further. We welcome you to use our online flower order and delivery service, we provide a choice of beautiful bouquets and we will happily deliver flowers to Maguiresbridge.



Maguiresbridge is a village in County Fermanagh. The Colebrooke River passes through here and the bridge that was built over the river was how the village got it’s name. A local family, the Maguires built the bridge around 1760 and so we have the name Maguiresbridge.

From the early 1900s, there was 4 railways which passed through Maguiresbridge. From here they went onward to various parts of Ulster. Alongside the Clones station, Maguiresbridge was a major junction for railways coming from Derry, Omagh, and Belfast. These railways went onward in the direction of Dublin.

Florist Maguiresbridge

Remember that if you need a Florist Maguiresbridge then look no further. Whilst Flowers by Sylvia are based in Enniskillen, we do offer Flower Delivery Maguiresbridge. In conclusion, we are a long-standing Fermanagh Florist and have been the number one choice for flowers in Fermanagh for many years.

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